The four concepts of Osteopathy – Part Two

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The four concepts of Osteopathy – Part Two

As you may recall, there are four basic laws that Osteopathic Manual Practitioners use to properly and effectively treat your body.

1. Structure governs function

2. The rule of the artery is absolute

3. The functional unit of the body

4. The normal inherent auto-regulation of the body

Concept 2: The rule of the artery is absolute

A healthy body requires normal blood flow - any compressions or obstructions to blood flow will lead to tissue damage. This concept not only applies to the blood, but to all body fluids such as cerebral spinal fluid and lymph fluid. Any time a muscle compresses the blood vessel that is around it, it will lead to the blood flow being impeded. An example of this is the brain. This is often why patient's get headaches, migraines and dizziness. When I work on and stretch out your neck for example, I am opening up the blood flow to lessen the headaches and preventing tissue damage to the brain.

Another example is when I loosen up your tight hamstrings. I am helping to restore proper blood flow to the muscle and to all the structures around it, all the way down to the foot. The improved flow leads to increased flexibility, strength and endurance to not only the hamstring, but to the rest of the structures connected to it.

With improved blood flow the body can function normally and the body can heal properly. Blood carries all of the elements and nutrients that the body needs to heal itself - so restoring blood flow throughout the body, and especially the injured areas, speeds up the healing process and provides the best conditions for repair. Simply put, blood flow is how your body heals more efficiently.

Stay tuned for Part Three of The Four Concepts of Osteopathy.