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Chiropractic and How It Can Help You

Ever wondered what the difference between a deep tissue massage and the soft tissue therapy a chiropractor can do? 

These are two questions we as chiropractors get asked fairly often and one that has a great answer. Deep tissue massage's main goal is to restore circulation and decrease inflammation to help with pain management and increase the quality of life. Soft tissue therapy, such as ART, done by chiropractors’ main goal is to restore functional motion while relieving pain. This type of soft tissue therapy can be used to treat injury or damage resulting in scar tissue to fascia, any muscle group, as well as tendon and ligaments. Another soft tissue treatment type done by chiropractors is instrument-assisted soft tissue such as Graston or Smart Tools. This type of soft tissue helps with a quicker rehabilitation and/or recovery while also reducing the need for any anti-inflammatory medication. Both these types of soft tissue therapies are great for treating acute or chronic low back pain, tension headaches, rotator cuff/shoulder strains (including frozen shoulder), carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tennis or golfer’s elbow, sciatic nerve pain, plantar fasciitis, and even bursitis.

Could you see both a massage therapist and chiropractor and benefit from both?

Why bother getting treated by a massage therapist and a chiropractor when the results look similar? Because there is so much more to rehabilitation and recovery from an injury than just dealing with the actual injury site. Massage therapy can be an extremely effective treatment for many of the same conditions while also helping your mind relax on top of your whole body, thus reducing stress and improving your overall well-being. During chiropractic treatment, we can focus on targeting your chief complaint and work on getting you quicker results while also giving you the tools to help maintain the functionality that you gain during treatment, as well as returning to your usual daily activities pain-free.