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Jackie Obermeyer

Sound Therapist, PhD, B Eng Biosci, Pn1, Reiki II
Services Offered: Sound Therapist
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Professional Background

A single note or word has the power to trigger massive physical change in an instant. As a musician with 25 years of training and performance experience, Dr. Jackie Obermeyer has always felt the potential of sound as a tool for healing. Through her PhD thesis work in chemical and biomedical engineering she came to understand how it could be applied effectively. Her own health crisis brought on by extreme stress and exhaustion during her studies provided the opportunity for her to test the “soundness” of this hypothesis and led her to discover vibrational sound therapy with tuning forks.

After experiencing profound shifts in her mindset, outlook and physical health during the sound therapy certification program, Jackie began performing “tuning sessions” for friends and family. This grew to be a steady stream of clients by the time she defended her PhD. Committing to the sound therapy work full-time, she developed a unique process for optimizing energetic health that draws on the fields of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, quantum physics and spirituality. Tuning forks, shamanic vocals, singing bowls and mindset coaching techniques are among the tools she uses to assess and clear energetic blockages, as well as synchronize the energetic centres of the body (also known as chakras) to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony.

When she’s not working with clients, Jackie is engaging in a wide variety of expressive and meditative practices that help to balance her energy and keep her grounded. As a healthy living enthusiast, she is passionate about cooking and sourcing sustainable and natural food that nourishes the body, soul and spirit. Movement in the forms of running, yoga, and pole dance allow her to express and channel any extra energy into the cultivation of her mind-body connection. Jackie is also a composer and performs her original music as a solo artist. She creates and performs with the intention of raising her vibration and that of her audience, layering violin/fiddle, guitar, vocals and piano live using looping pedals.  

Jackie is so excited and honoured to be joining forces with the exceptional team at OMWC. She believes deeply that a holistic and collaborative approach to healthcare serves everyone, and that life is meant to be a joyful and shared experience.