Osteopathic manual practitioners identify, assess, and treat the body’s structures and rhythms using a gentle, hands-on approach.

Osteopathy is a natural medicine that uses palpation to restore function by treating the causes of pain and imbalance.

Osteopathic manual practitioners gently yet intentionally touch the tissues or systems under examination. They palpate to get sensory information through touch receptors in the fingertips and palms, and through the proprioceptors (motion and position sensors) deep in the joints of the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.

The ability to detect minute modifications in the tissues allows osteopathic manual practitioners to prioritize a patient's course of treatment. They look for a variety of issues including congestion, dehydration, scarring, stiffness, density, loss of resilience, and motility, and also assess position, mobility and vitality to determine which areas need immediate attention.


45 minutes
30 minutes $65.00