Sound Therapy The Sacral Chakra 417 Hz – Passion, Pleasure, Sexuality and Creative Energy

The Sacral Chakra 417 Hz – Passion, Pleasure, Sexuality and Creative Energy

The Sacral Chakra is the second of the 7 main Chakras that emanate from the midline of the body. Located around the lower abdomen, this chakra is associated with sexual energy and creativity, and is the seat of our passion. Orange is the colour that facilitates a visual connection to this center and 417 Hz is the Solfeggio frequency that acts as a reference point for the sacral chakra. 

 In women, this chakra can act as the portal between the spiritual world and the physical world. Connection with this energetic center is essential for women to be able to tap into their feminine power and recognize the potential they hold there. While bearing children is one expression of this creative potential, there are countless other ways that this energy can be applied. For men, developing a connection with the sacral chakra is just as important, facilitating their creative expression and fueling artistic endeavours. 

 Many men and women hold shame and guilt around their sexuality, creativity and pleasure. They may not feel worthy of pleasure or receiving the type of sexual energy they desire. They might have family/cultural/societal programming that skews their perception of sexual activities, preventing them from receiving energy at this center and indicating a sacral chakra that is stuck in the closed position. 

When the back component of the sacral chakra is stuck in the closed position, it can be difficult for us to feel inspired to do anything creative, even if we know of creative activities that we enjoy doing. We may feel that these activities don’t have any “real value” and are therefore not worth doing. When the front component of this center is stuck in the closed position, we may feel inspired to do something creative but find ourselves stuck and unable to act on that inspiration. 

 A well-functioning sacral chakra allows us to give and receive sexual energy in a way that pleases us, brings us pleasure and excitement, and ignites passion. Creative inspiration flows freely to us when we want it and it’s easy for us to discern what outlets will serve the application of that inspiration, be it art, music, dance, building, programming, gardening, cooking, etc. Listening to the 417 Hz Solfeggio frequency is a great way to fire up the sacral chakra, and making pleasure sounds can help to put us into a passionate and excited state. Allowing yourself to express pleasure by releasing sounds while eating delicious food, engaging in sexual activities or dancing is an excellent way to become accustomed to channelling energy through this centre.  

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