Sound Therapy The Root Chakra, 396 Hz – Safety, Stability, Tribe, Money

The Root Chakra, 396 Hz – Safety, Stability, Tribe, Money

Located at the base of the tailbone, the Root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras that emanate from midline of the body. As the name implies, the Root chakra is all about stability and feeling secure, allowing us to really be present in this world. Red is the colour associated with this chakra and the first of the Solfeggio frequencies, 396 Hz (UT), is the reference point for this energetic center.

Family dynamics and finances are usually big factors in the health of this chakra as they contribute greatly to our ability to feel safe and secure. As with all of the chakras, there are two opposing and complementary directions of energy flow at this center. Energy is received through the back and sent out the front, and these directions of flow can be affected independently of each other.

When we are receiving energy well at the Root chakra, we feel a sense of belonging in our family and friend circles, a strong sense of tribe, and money and resources flow to us easily. When our ability to receive energy at this center is blocked or the energy is fragmented, it can be hard for us to feel like we belong anywhere, and money can seem very difficult to come by. A blocked Root chakra can manifest as a very lonely and desperate experience of the world.

When we are able to send energy well from the Root, we are able to create safe and welcoming environments for others and feel like we can provide for ourselves and those we wish to care for. Without the ability to send energy out from this center, we can have all of the money and resources in the world and never feel like we’re providing enough for others or creating a safe and welcoming space.

The 396 Hz is the lowest frequency in the Solfeggio scale and provides a starting point from which to cultivate a healthy Root Chakra energy flow. Low, bass tones and rhythmic instruments are very helpful in shifting the energy at this center when blockages are present that limit the flow at this center. Drumming can be a powerful anchor to help stabilize individuals experiencing Root Chakra issues and grounding practices that encourage connection to the earth are a great way to strengthen this center.

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