Sound Therapy Sound Therapy–Solfeggio Frequencies

Sound Therapy–Solfeggio Frequencies

If you’ve been to any New Age gathering or sound bath event, you may have heard of Solfeggio frequencies, a six-tone scale claimed by some to have magical healing properties. The idea is that each frequency in the series corresponds to one of the chakras and that listening to them can restore the chakras back to the frequencies they are “supposed” to be vibrating at. Your “woo-woo” alarm is probably going off already, but bear with me here…

While I do use Solfeggio frequency tuning forks in my sound therapy practice, I have come to understand and use them in my own way, drawing on my own healing experience, my work with clients, and my background in engineering. Each frequency corresponds to an individual chakra—think of these frequencies as points of reference for the chakras. In the same way that a graph requires axes as references for the data displayed to be meaningful, the chakras require reference frequencies to make sense of the information (energy) they are receiving and transmitting. I have found that listening to these frequencies individually helps to teach each center what it’s individual role is and strengthens the current of energy running through it. This is evidenced by significant shifts in my clients’ energy levels, and engagement in areas of their lives in which they have previously felt disengaged or insecure.

These centers do not only operate as individual entities though; they are part of a system. How do you synchronize the individual components of a system? Communication.  If you’ve ever used walkie-talkies, you’ll know that you need to tune both devices in to the same radio station in order to send and receive messages. This is what combinations of the Solfeggio frequencies provide. The interference pattern of the two waveforms of the individual frequencies creates another distinct waveform or “radio station” for two chakras to communicate over. For example, using the 396 Hz (root chakra) tuning fork with the 528 Hz (solar plexus chakra) tuning fork creates a “channel” for the two to communicate over. In this way, chakras can be trained to communicate with each other, leading to a much smoother operation of the system as a whole. This synchronization presents as a better distribution and flow of energy, allowing my clients to direct their energy in a way that fulfills them and their purpose. 

While there may be skeptics that say the Solfeggio frequencies are nothing special, my observations and personal experience with them tells me otherwise. The more I use them, the more I respect them and recognize their potential to re-calibrate the human body for longevity, prosperity and fulfillment.