Homeopathy Using Homeopathy for Postpartum Support

Using Homeopathy for Postpartum Support

Homeopathy is one of the holistic alternative medicine modality. Basically, it believes in the power of mind, heart and body together to heal from any discomfort or distress. Our bodies know how to heal and react to any external factor that affects it state of balance. Sometimes, the body can do it on its own, other time; it needs a push, a stimulant or a trigger. That is what homeopathy does, a natural remedy sourced from plant, mineral or animal, pharmaceutically prepared to stimulate the body to regain its balance state. The homeopathic remedy acts as a catalyst to helps the body to heal from the suffering or distress it is currently facing.

Hence, when a mother goes through labor and delivery, the body goes to a state of shock, fatigue, change of hormones, pain, emotional fluctuations, mental thoughts or expectations and many other variances.  The use a homeopathy in this situation simply gives the body the strength, the power and push to gently naturally heal from the delivery experience.

It is important to clarify that the following information focuses on the body ailments as support tool. It is always advised to take a remedy that addresses the totality of the mother where it acts deeper on mental, emotional and physical level.  

It is also crucial to consult a homeopath for prescription. There is a homeopathic birth kit that can be used during and after labor. The remedy doses are 200 CH to match the intensity of the pain. This is a general guideline for remedy choice. . 

  • The key is to match the mother symptoms to the remedy characteristics; following the principle of likes cures likes.
  • The chosen remedy effect is either improvement or no change.
  • The remedy can be taken dry dose to dissolve under the tongue or dissolved in water where a teaspoon or sips are taken every certain amount of time.
  • Always one remedy only at a time; wait watch the effect before changing to another remedy.
  • If interested to know about the remedy, read the mini material medica of the homeopathic birth kit in case you have it.

The focus of this module is to present several remedies than can be safely used after delivery to smooth the post partum recovery of the mother. The presented remedies are just a small collection; there might be another unmentioned remedy that fits better the mother. Hence, the homeopath’s advice is essential for the best results.



For bruises and swelling. The area would be sore and bruised and not want to be touched or moved.  It promotes healing and reduces swelling after the physical shock the body had during delivery. An indicator symptom for arnica is the mother might feel uncomfortable in bed and not comfy in any position in bed due to the pain, bruise and swelling sensation. She feels much worse being touched, examined, any jarring movements, lying or sitting on injured parts.  Arnica can also help if pain increases when the baby feeds. 


It is another useful remedy for sore and bruised pains from the back extending downwards to buttocks, hips and legs. All symptoms are worse between 2:00 am and 4:00 am. Relief happens with heavy pressure applied to the back. It is useful after a prolonged labor and a weak uterus.


Helps the uterus to relax which means it helps with the after pain of delivery, the post partum bleeding and the postpartum contraction during breastfeeding. It can be used until the post-partum contractions disappear.

Epidural Pain

In case a mother needed epidural and the back pain is an added factor to the equation of post-partum pain, those 2 remedies are useful:


The remedy is for nerve pain, sharp shooting pain from injury.  It acts to relief a nerve rich area damage. The pain is described as severe pain in the lower pack like sciatica pain. The pain is worse with pressure and touch.


Arnica follows Hypericum because the body was exposed to a shock, arnica helps relief the physical shock ( swelling ) the body had from the epidural.

Episiotomy Pain


Beautifully heals any cuts and wounds. It speeds the healing process of cuts, lacerations and wounds.  Also it can be used for soreness of perineum area.  It can be available in cream or ointment forms.


Used when the pain is like nerve pain, shooting and burning pain.  Also used if the mother feels surprised and angry that she had episiotomy.


A great remedy to use for clean cuts and wound. The mother would be irritable angry, resentment or humiliation due to the medical intervention or procedure. The mother feels so much pain, very sensitive to touch on all levels.

Caesarean Pain


This remedy will help the surgery wound to heal faster as well as relieves the pain of the surgery. It acts well on any intrusive or painful internal procedure. 


Same like staphysagria, the mother can alternate between both. It helps with the healing of the tissue of the clean wounds.


Arnica can always be helpful due to the shock of surgery and delivery at the same time.

Caesarean: After drugs effects


A remedy to use if a mother reacts to general anesthetic especially if the reaction includes vomiting.

Nux-vomica: (small dose)

This remedy acts as a general detoxification from ay used drugs during the procedure.


Lactation & breastfeeding: (specific prescription required from homeopath for precision)

  • Cracked nipples: phytolacca
  • Plugged duct and engorgement: phytolacca
  • Milk too much: pulsatilla or belladonna
  • Milk too little: dulcamara
  • Milk too thin: pulsatilla
  • Drying up milk: Causticaum Coccolus