Homeopathy How to Regulate your Monthly Period with Homeopathy

How to Regulate your Monthly Period with Homeopathy

How to Regulate your Monthly Period with Homeopathy

Can homeopathy help with my period? Sure it can! Homeopathy is a great alternative to address any problem/issue related to your monthly period. Generally, birth control pills are the number one solution for any irregularities. Yet, starting them at young age and using them for a long duration might causes undesirable side effects. Moreover, birth control pills do not solve the root cause of the problem, basically the hormones in the pill make the endometrial lining of the uterus  shed every four weeks, and hence the period is regulated. 

But can it be one solution for everyone? What if my period is irregular in the time frame whether too frequent every 2 weeks or absent for too long up to 36 days? What if my period is irregular in its shape, being too light or too heavy? What if my period is irregular in pattern such as PMS before the period, or no PMS but extreme painful cramps during the menstruation? Each one of us gets a period that is different in time, shape and pattern. That is where the beauty of homeopathy comes, an individualized remedy that addresses your own symptoms, experience and sensations. A remedy that will look for the real cause behind the irregularity and tries to steer it back to balance safely, effectively and naturally. 

When it comes to the reproductive system, it is important to look for two elements. First, to assess the whole endocrine system that is responsible for the hormonal balance, and second, to inspect any underlying conditions that might be causing or affecting the irregularities such as endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, Intrauterine device (IUD), Urinary Tract infection (UTI) or Pelvic Inflammatory disease. Those two factors highly influence the menstruation regularities. 

As for the various menstruation irregularities, they are classified as: Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), Dysmenorrhea, Hyper menorrhea, Menorrhagia, Amenorrhea. Briefly each is one defined as the following. 

PMS is the variable cluster of symptoms -- mental, emotional and physical -- that regularly occurs prior to each menstrual episode.  Symptoms start shortly after ovulation, increase in severity, and reach a maximum during the last five premenstrual days. After the onset of menstrual bleeding, the symptoms rapidly disappear and are usually gone within three to four days. Few examples of PMS symptoms are fluid retention, edema, breast tenderness, bloating, food craving, headaches, mood swings, irritability or anxiety or mental & physical weakness. 

Dysmenorrhea is the pain accompanied with the menstruation. With the severe cramps and contractions where bed rest is important and pain killers are a must. The pain is usually in the lower abdomen, colicky pain might radiate to lower back and inner thighs.

Hyper menorrhea is explained as the long and heavy menstruation where the flow might be heavy from start to end. The duration might last more than 7 days and the whole period pattern is hectic and rough. 

Menorrhagia is stated as the abnormal heavy profuse bleeding closer to a hemorrhage picture. There is debility, weakness, tiredness, loss of blood and strong fatigue with each period. 

Amenorrhea is defined as the absence or interruption or irregular timing period. It might be very short in duration or very light or the cycle is irregular meaning one time is every 23 days then 28 days then 30 days then again 23 or the cycle is lengthy meaning it is always more than 30 days. 

 Now, how can homeopathy help?  The following remedies are merely examples for the homeopathic approach; a consultation with a homeopath practitioner is essential for prescribing the right remedy that fits your condition. 

The first remedy is Belladonna. This is a great remedy for strong painful menstruation. The period is offensive, hot, profuse, bright red color with clots. There is extreme cramping, spasmodic, pounding, pulsating and throbbing pain during the menstruation. The period usually comes earlier than expected and is sudden.  Movement or lying on the painful area increases the pain. Resting in bed, wrapped in warmth quietly with a warm drink improves the situation. During, the period, usually the person gets oversensitive to all external stimulants such as light, noise and touch. The mood swing is more expressed as irritability, agitation and anger. Indeed, it is a good remedy for a painful, tiring and exhausting period. 

The second remedy is Lachesis. This is the remedy for PMS. Symptoms such as uterine, ovarian, breast tenderness pain rise before the period and then relief once the flow of the period starts. Profuse thick discharges before the period. The menstruation flow is usually dark heave with large clots. The mood swings comes in the form of sadness, lowliness and fear. Generally, it feel better with cool fresh air and cool drinks and worse with touch and heat. Lachesis is certainly an especially effective remedy for PMS. 

The third remedy is Pulsatilla. A useful remedy for absent, late, irregular and changeable menstruation cycle. The period might be very short in duration with small flow. Pulsatilla eases the pain of uterine prolapse that is usually felt as a lower back pain. The mood swings are highly noted as crying, suddenly weeping, and tearing easily. The need for sympathy, attention is increased during the menstruation. A tendency to be emotional, a feel of loneliness may prevail and changeability of mood is highly observed.  Open air, firm pressure on painful area, attention and sympathy and a good cry usually improve the situation during menstruation. Thus, Pulsatilla gives the right push for the period to regulate.  

As a matter of fact, there are numerous remedies that can bring back the period to normal. The above mentioned are just a demonstration for a type of painful period, a type of Pre-menstrual syndrome and a type of late, absent irregular period.  

The earlier the irregularities are addressed the better. Those irregularities are messages from our body, drawing our attention to a state of unbalance. Listening to them is the first step of healing and postponing or suppressing them will just result into a deeper disease. The more we listen to our bodies, the more we get in tune with ourselves, and the longer we will be able to maintain our balance. 

 **Disclaimer** For accurate prescription, totality of the mental, emotional and physical symptoms need to be collected by a practitioner. Additionally, individualization is a key concept in prescribing the remedy. Therefore, always consult a homeopath practitioner to prescribe the right remedy for you.

Bio: Aya Ibrahim is a Registered Classical Homeopath graduated from Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. Aya specilaizes in children and women's health conditions and practices in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. She embarked on the journey of homeopathy four years ago when her daughter had chronic constipation as an infant and only homeopathy healed her condition. Since then, she has been helping mothers and children experience how homeopathy can improve for the health and development of women and children.