Weight Management and Mindful Eating Join Oakville Massage and Wellness Clinic Counsellor Julie Barasevic for an educational session on weight management.

Weight Management and Mindful Eating

Many people of all ages and backgrounds struggle with eating habits; there are many reasons why one may struggle with food-you are not alone! There may be times where emotions get a hold of someone and they engage in mindless eating, then they are left feeling guilty-yet, another emotion.

Join our clinical counsellor and hypnotherapist, Julie Barasevic, as she discusses:

  • How stress impacts the body & effects our eating habits
  • Getting hold of the emotions to emotional eating
  • How mindful eating brings awareness to your life
  • Learning how to savour food by using mindfulness
  • Hypnotherapy & changing your life habits
  • An experiential exercise in mindfulness

When: Tuesday December 4, 2018 @  7:30 PM

Discussion led by our Counsellor, Julie Barasevic

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