Weight Management Join Oakville Massage and Wellness Clinic resident Naturopath Dr. Erin Ley for an educational session on weight management.

Weight Management

Are you searching for a simple, safe, and sustainable weight management program? Join Dr. Erin, our resident Naturopathic Doctor, as she discusses: 
  1. Reasons why we're carrying around excess weight
  2. How we measure weight loss "success"
  3. Medical conditions that must been ruled in, or out
  4. Functional medicine tests, like food sensitivity and cortisol testing
  5. Food tracking for success
  6. How to build a the perfect smoothie
  7. Scientifically proven supplementation to support weight management
Participants will go home with a handy handout on How To Make The Perfect Smoothie.
See you there!

When: Thursday April 25th, 2019 @  7:30 PM

Discussion led by our Naturopath Dr. Erin Ley 

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