Manage your Thyroid Condition Join Oakville Massage and Wellness Clinic resident Naturopath Dr Erin Ley for an informative session on managing your thyroid condition,

Manage Your Thyroid Condition

Do you have a diagnosed thyroid condition? Are you on a conventional medication and you still don't feel like yourself? Do you feel like you have a thyroid condition but your medical doctor keeps telling you "everything is normal"? Join Dr. Erin, our resident Naturopathic Doctor, as she discusses:
  1. Types of thyroid conditions
  2. Conventional treatment of thyroid conditions
  3. 3. Blood work that needs to be completed (which probably has been missed!)
  4. Diet and lifestyle tips 
  5. Scientifically proven supplementation to support the thyroid gland
When: Thursday June 27th @  7:30 PM

Discussion led by our Naturopath, Dr. Erin Ley.

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