Positive and Negative Reinforcement and Consequences:  Tips For Parenting   Parenting is a tough job and comes with no instruction. Join OMWC's Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Kristen Conte for this free seminar.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement and Consequences:  Tips For Parenting

Parenting is the hardest job we have and doesn’t come with a manual. This workshop is for parents who feel their child's behaviour may be challenging or those who feel that things are on track and are looking for extra tools. Often we manage behaviour through threat and punishment and we know that this is not the most effective strategy. So what is? Reinforcement and shaping behaviours. 

 Learning Outcomes:

  • understanding positive and negative reinforcement and shaping
  • logical vs. natural consequences
  • how to apply these strategies daily to see the behaviours you are wanting to see from your children

When: Monday October 7th @  7:30 PM

Discussion led by our Psychotherapist Kristen Conte.

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