Naturopathic 9 Reasons Why You Need an ND on Your Oncology Team

9 Reasons Why You Need an ND on Your Oncology Team

  1. I can empower you to be an advocate for your own health. You should feel empowered to ask the right questions, and seek out the information you desire. Everyone needs a cheerleader. Let an ND be yours
  2. I have the luxury of spending time with you. Do you have questions about your diagnosis? Do you wonder what foods you should eat? Do you want to know how your conventional care works in your body? Having a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and confusing. A naturopathic doctor has time to sit with you and listen to your questions, your fears, and your goals
  3. Your conventional care probably comes with side effects. By utilizing nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and dietary changes, we can help alleviate those nasty side effects without interfering with your conventional care. Ginger, acupuncture, medicinal mushrooms, glutamine, probiotics, fish oils, and melatonin all have positive evidence.  Here’s a non-exhaustive list of side effects that naturopathic medicine could help you with…
  • Nausea
  • Mouth sores
  • Weight loss
  • Poor sleep
  • Low energy
  • Leukopenia
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Anemia
  • Diarrhea
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  1. Going into surgery? An ND can create a personalized treatment plan that can help with wound healing, side effects of anesthesia, minimizing scar formation, and preventing infections
  1. Naturopathic medicine can help you quit smoking. Providing risk education, decreasing withdrawal symptoms, changing the diet, prescribing botanical medicine, administering auricular (ear) acupuncture, and providing motivational interviewing are some of the ways an ND can help you drop the habit
  1. You and your family may have worries about cancer being genetic. I would love to meet with your loved ones to discuss their risk factors and how to optimize their personal health. If your family members have significant risk factors, putting a cancer prevention plan in place is ideal
  1. One of the main reasons why patients need to halt their conventional care is due to chemotherapy-induced neutropenia (CIN). CIN can lead to a dose reduction in chemotherapy agents, delayed treatments, hospitalizations, and intravenous antibiotic use. Unfortunately, neutropenia (a reduction in a type of white blood cell) during chemotherapy can often compromise survival. Naturopathic medicine can use acupuncture, medicinal mushrooms, and intravenous vitamin C (IVC) to support white blood cell levels during chemotherapy
  1. IVC has been shown to improve the effects of many chemo drugs, and improve the quality of life in patients with cancer. Administering IVC requires additional qualifications, which I expect to have by January 2019 at the earliest. Until that time, I would be happy to refer you to a naturopathic doctor who has the IV certification 
  1. Perhaps you are in remission, and you are looking to prevent recurrence. An ND can help with blood sugar regulation, exercise schedules, supplement prescriptions, and dietary advice. All of these interventions have been shown to help prevent recurrence 

My approach to working with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer is to collaborate with you, and your conventional medical team. Everything and everyone should be working in harmony. In my world, you are an active member of your health care team.

Fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, helplessness – these are all valid and common feelings to have when you or your loved one is diagnosed with cancer. You can schedule a complimentary consult with me, Dr. Erin, to see if naturopathic medicine is the right fit for you.

In Health and Wellness,

Dr. Erin

The advice in this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace a consultation with a licensed health care provider.